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Benefits of Honey – 9 Health Benefits of Honey

Benefits of Honey

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Sweet Surrender – 9 Health Benefits of Honey

Honey has always been a favorite for flavor as well as the potential health benefits of honey, being sweet and with many other health related benefits it is not difficult to see the attraction. In ancient times, it was prized and used for many purposes including food and medicinal uses. In modern times, the use of honey has spread and it is virtually consumed in all parts of the world. Natural honey is obtained from bees and is used either in its natural form or processed to be sold in supermarkets and health outlets. The health benefits of honey are many and we take a look at 9 of the leading reasons to Love, Love honey…

Honey Contains Natural Vitamins

Honey is one of the best sources of Vitamin C, iron and calcium. Vitamin C in particular plays an important role in increasing the body’s immunity to common infections such as colds. It also has properties that relieve nocturnal coughs allowing for a better nights rest. Iron and calcium are useful for proper development of bones and improved production of blood cells.

Honey May Help With Weight Loss

While honey contains many calories, they are at least healthy calories. When ingested with warm water, honey has the effect of helping the body burn off excess fat. Eaten regularly, it can hasten the process of weight loss (that’s a nice side benefits of honey that you didn’t expect). It also assists in cleansing the liver and removing toxins which may lead to an improved metabolic process. Higher metabolism, more calories burnt…

Honey Can Boost Your Immune System

Apart from containing vitamin C, honey also contains enzymes and minerals that protect the body from a variety of bacteria and fungi. These properties can enhance the body’s natural immunity allowing it an opportunity to ward off common infections. A regular dose of 1-2 spoons of honey taken some warm water and lemon juice may increase your immunity and improve¬† overall health.

Honey for Prevention of Cancer and Heart Disease

The health benefits of honey extend beyond the treatment of common infections. Due to it containing anti-oxidants and flavonoids, one of the benefits of honey is that it reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. Regular consumption of honey may reduce your chances of contracting either of these conditions. When used with cinnamon, it strengthens the arteries of the heart while reducing cholesterol. This has the effect of keeping the heart in good condition. In case a person has already suffered a heart attack, regular use of the honey-cinnamon is believed to prevent another attack. It is able to prevent cancer by stopping the production of free radicals which are blamed for the increasing cases of cancer.

Heart benefits of honey

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Boost Your Energy Levels with Honey

People involved in demanding sports activities have been known to use honey to raise their energy levels. Containing natural and easy to digest sugars, honey is the answer to low energy levels. Sugars in honey contain a lot of calories that quickly fight fatigue. This is the reason why honey is such a healthy alternative as it eliminates the body’s natural craving for sugar while offering a healthy solution for your sugar fix. This is because the honey regulates blood sugar levels because it contains natural glucose and fructose. This means that honey may be useful in controlling diabetic conditions also. Just another one of the benefits of honey.

Benefits of Honey For Skin Care

One of the health benefits of honey is its ability to moisturize and soothe the skin. This is the reason it is found in many womens beauty products. By also containing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, honey is highly regarded in the management of common skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and ring worms. Honey is also useful in clearing blemishes when applied overnight on the skin. In case of skin inflammation, it eliminates the itch by soothing the skin. For a long time, honey has been used to treat burns by applying it directly to the wound. Its anti-bacterial properties are known to work better than conventional dressing in terms of eliminating bacteria and healing burn wounds.

Honey for Allergy Control

In its natural form, honey is reputed to cure allergies. Some people have linked its friendly bacteria in the process but this has not been conclusively confirmed. Other studies have suggested the anti-allergy properties are to be found from the pollen collected by the bees. Whatever the case, honey has been widely reported to successfully reduce allergies for some people.

Honey for allergy control

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Honey Soothes Indigestion

Honey has a soothing effect on the stomach by reducing the overall acidity in the stomach. It is also known to reduce a build-up of gas further improving the stomach. When taken together with a lemon and warm water, it works by aiding food through the digestive track. The improved digestion is part of the reason honey is able to assist people to lose weight.

Honey for Diabetic Ulcers

The benefits of honey extend from the management of diabetes to its cure of the diabetic ulcers. While modern medicine manages the symptoms of these ulcers, one of the benefits of honey is reputed to cure the problem once and for all. The amazing thing is you can enjoy these health benefits while enjoying the sweet taste of honey.

With all the health benefits of honey, it is not surprising that it has been so highly regarded in ancient times. In ancient Hindu civilization, it was referred to as the nectar of the sun. The fact that more and more people are using honey at their breakfast and dinner table means that they will continue to benefit from its health giving properties for a long time. With all its benefits it seems there are no disadvantages. The only word of caution is that honey should not be given to very young children as their body may not have the capacity of absorbing it.

Children below teenage years should only have a limited amount as taking too much may reduce the ability of their small intestines to absorb nutrients from food. Other than that, you should go ahead and enjoy your honey and enjoy all of the benefits of honey.

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