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Improve Alzheimer’s – 9 Ways to Better Brain Function

Improve Alzheimer's Patient

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Improve Alzheimer’s Naturally

Though we may think that the events happening to us at the moment are of utmost importance, the truth is that as life goes on, we only remember the more important parts of it, the ones that truly made it memorable. In a certain sense, our memory could very well be described as the main component which makes up our identities. Unfortunately, as we get older our brain function progressively degrades, and one of the most common conditions, Alzheimer’s disease, mercilessly attacks the part of the brain responsible for storing memories. We’ll be discussing 9 tips to help improve alzheimer’s and hopefully get your mind back on track.

Bit by bit, the condition can eat away at a person until they lose not only their memories, but also their personality and ability to recognize anyone. Unfortunately, as far as modern medicine is concerned, there is no real way of curing the disease (as of yet of course), but there are things you can do to improve alzheimer’s. We can only take various measures in order to either prevent or slow down its development, and as it happens, many of said measures are relatively simple to include in your daily lives. And so, what follows is an exploration of nine of the most effective natural ways to improve Alzheimer’s naturally.

1. Reworking your Lifestyle to Improve Alzheimer’s

To start things off, though Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain specifically, it does not originate only due to a lack of mental activity or genetic predisposition. One of the main factors contributing to the onset of the disease is an unhealthy lifestyle filled with junk food and lack of exercising. Certain studies have shown that as you get older, excess weight can end up impairing your brain function, not to mention that an unhealthy circulation system won’t feed the brain with all the blood it needs. Try to mostly eat fruits and vegetables while exercising on a daily basis; your goal ought to be to reach your ideal weight and building a healthy body above all.

2. Eating More Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Many people were surprised to learn that omega-3 fatty acids, mainly found in various kinds of fish, actually slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Indeed, by eating more soaked walnuts, wild caught salmon and pasture fed eggs you can actually improve Alzheimer’s naturally by feeding your brain an agent which basically acts is its protector.

Improve alzheimer's Salmon and Omega 3 for Alzheimers

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3. The Benefits of Real Raw Butter

Even though those who grew up as baby boomers (or were raised by them) have come to believe that margarine is healthier than butter, the truth is that the former lacks one essential ingredient: raw fat. As it happens, raw fat is very important for the proper development of the human brain and is also an essential component for its maintenance. Raw butter is an excellent source for this kind of fat, and contrary to popular belief, eating moderately on a regular basis will not lead to weight gain (assuming of course you are living a moderately active lifestyle).

4. Avoiding Aluminum Like the Plague to Improve Alzheimer’s

Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease by a number of different doctors. More precisely, all of those who perished from the disease were found to have high concentrations of aluminum in the brain. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely nullify your exposure to aluminum as it is often present in unprocessed foods and dust, but there are things you can do to avoid it from other sources. In particular, you can avoid store cornbread, aluminum cookware, buggered aspirin, antiperspirants and anti-acids.

5. The Power of Fermentation

Though fermented foods and drinks are certainly nothing new in this world, it is only recently that they were really subjected to the scrupulous lens of the microscope, and some astonishing discoveries were made in relation to improve Alzheimer’s disease and brain health in general. While flowing down your digestive tract, the fermented foods actually manufacture various B vitamins, allowing your body to absorb them with great ease. It was also determined that when put together, the B-12 vitamin and folic acid considerably lower one’s homocysteine blood levels, a substance which was directly linked to the development of the disease.

6. Parting with Sugar

Though it may be hard to say your goodbyes on this one, a recent study performed in the United States demonstrated that the more sugar is part of one’s daily diet, the higher the signs of the disease’s development. Though the tests were performed on mice, there are good reasons to believe that sugar has the same effect on humans, with one of them being the similarity between the mice organs and ours. Also, by cutting down on sugar you will be preventing the onset of other diseases such as diabetes, which by the way is known to increase the clogging of the brain with proteins and is thus linked to Alzheimer’s.

7. Remain Mentally Active

This is one way to improve Alzheimer’s naturally pretty much everyone knows about, but nobody wants to follow (or really knows how). Alas, continuous mental activity is a huge component in the prevention of the disease, and you should do everything you can to remain mentally-active from the moment you wake up to the last minute before you go to bed. You can easily keep yourself mentally busy with books, puzzles, board games, and virtually any hobby that requires you to think. Naturally, this also means you should cut down on your television and video-gaming hours as much as possible. You’ve heard the saying “use it or lose it”, improve alzheimer’s by using your brain.

8. Say No to Mercury

Though a direct link between mercury and Alzheimer’s was never really established, a study published all the way back in 2001 in NeuroReport demonstrated that regular inhalation of mercury vapors causes brain damage that is extremely similar to what Alzheimer’s disease causes. As such, you would do well to avoid any sources of mercury, and those include vaccines (unless absolutely necessary of course) for they contain thimerosal, amalgam dental fillings, particularly large fish and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Alzheimers and Mercury

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9. Stock up on Antioxidants

Finally, the last method to improve Alzheimer’s naturally to be discussed here is increasing your intake of antioxidants. For those who are unaware of what they do, antioxidants act as blood vessel dilators, opening them up and allowing the blood to circulate in greater quantities and at greater speeds. These antioxidants also open up the veins and arteries to the brain, improving the blood flow to them, which in turn helps to protect and stimulate your brain cells, keeping them as young and healthy as anyone could hope. Antioxidants are found in great quantities amongst fruits and vegetables, meaning it would benefit you to put a lot more of them in your diet.

These 9 simple tips will help you to improve Alzheimer’s.

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