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Benefits of Dandelion – 8 Amazing Health Tips

Health Benefits of Dandelion

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Amazing Benefits of Dandelion

Throughout the last few decades the art of medicine has been progressing towards the use of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures, quite recently alternative and holistic medicines have started to regain their popularity. In particular, more and more resources are dedicated to the study and analysis of the effects of various herbs and plants on the human body, and amongst other surprising discoveries it was found that the benefits of dandelion can improve one’s health in a number of different ways. As such, what follows is a list of the eight most important health benefits of dandelion greens, hopefully teaching you everything you wanted or needed to know about it.

1. Health Benefits of Dandelion for Your Bones

To begin this list, dandelions can have a great impact on your bone health. As it happens, they are extremely rich in calcium, which as we all know is one of the most important ingredients for the proper growth of your bones. In addition to that, dandelion greens also happen to contain lots of vitamin C and Luteolin, two powerful antioxidants which act as protectors against the ravages of aging itself. In other words, consuming dandelions on a daily basis can prevent bone frailty, decreased density and general weakness, effectively warding off diseases such as osteoporosis. The benefits of dandelion are numerous, please read on.

2. Controlling Diabetes

Diabetes is mostly characterized by a low production of insulin from the pancreas, and as it turns out, dandelion juice can actually reverse that process. Indeed, consuming dandelions can actually cause your pancreas to increase its insulin production, effectively lowering your blood sugar levels. In addition to that, one of the benefits of dandelion act as diuretics, promoting urination in those who eat them, which contributes to the discharge of excess sugar from the body. As if that wasn’t already enough, those properties also prevent the onset of renal problems, and even the juice’s bitter taste automatically lowers the amount of sugar in your blood.

3. Accelerating the Weight Loss Process

It was estimated by some very dedicated scientists that on average, the human urine consists of 4% fat, meaning that the more we do it, the more weight we lose. The dandelion’s diuretic properties are once again put on display, promoting urination and thus accelerating the discharge of unhealthy fats and radical agents from your body. In addition, seeing as how dandelion greens are low in calories and contain lots of nutrients, they can also be safely used in a number of different diets. There are even some recipes to turn dandelions into sweeteners which contain no unhealthy sugars. Just one more of the benefits of dandelion.

Benefits of dandelion

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4. Relieving High Blood Pressure

As was mentioned before, along with the benefits of dandelion, they are quite rich in vitamin C and Luteolin, two powerful antioxidants that dilate your blood vessels, allowing your circulation system to function more efficiently while taking a lot of stress off your heart. More space for the blood to circulate in the vessels rapidly leads to a considerable decrease in your blood pressure, which in turn helps to prevent the development of nefarious diseases such as coronary heart disorder for example.

5. Maintaining Healthy Bowel Movements

Though it may not sound like a big problem, if constipation persists it can eventually turn out to be deadly, or at least extremely debilitating. Fortunately, benefits of dandelion greens are jam-packed with lots and lots of dietary fibers, promoting the health of your digestive system and helping your stool to flow through it without any problems. Also, it should be added that all the fibers found in these greens don’t cause diarrhea either… rather, they keep your bowel movements as healthy as possible, which can prevent very serious gastrointestinal issues down the line.

6. Preventing Liver Disorders – More Benefits of Dandelion

You may not think that liver problems will ever apply to you, but the it remains that statistically-speaking, most of us will come face-to-face with them one day, and that goes double for casual drinkers. The antioxidants which were already discussed above also happen to have benefits for the liver. An increased outpour of blood towards the organ helps it to function at its optimal capacity, protects it from the damages typically caused by aging, and even contributes to stopping any hemorrhages which may occur internally. Considering the other ways in which dandelions benefit the digestive system, it is safe to say that on the whole, it reduces the risk of developing any gastrointestinal problems in relation to the liver.

7. Health Benefits of Dandelion in the Fight against Cancer

Cancer is one of the most prolific killers of all time, being responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths annually on an international scale. The good news is that dandelion greens are part of the solution in a number of ways. First, the Luteolin and vitamin C help to clear away free radicals, already considerably reducing your chances of developing the disease. Second, in the long run another one of the benefits of dandelion is that it will progressively detoxify the body, also preventing the development of tumors. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, scientific studies have demonstrated that when Luteolin binds itself to the cancer cells, it essentially poisons and destroys them. There is a great chance that in the future, Luteolin will be the key to winning the fight against this nefarious disease.

8. Benefits of Dandelion – Skin Care

Finally, even though the health benefits of dandelion greens are mostly about warding off serious conditions, it can also be used for other, less important purposes, such as skin care. Most notably, dandelion sap (or dandelion milk) is commonly used to treat various skin ailments which result from either fungal or microbial infections. The sap can be used for such treatments due to its high alkaline content, which is a very powerful agent when it comes to the extermination of germs, insects and fungi.

In addition, it is known that the sap is also used for eczema, rashes, itches, ringworms, and various other skin conditions with considerably success. The best part is that it doesn’t carry any baggage in terms of side effects; contrary to what is the case with pharmaceuticals, there is absolutely no risk of there being any hormonal changes or damage done to the body, unless of course you splash some of it directly into your own eyes.

All things considered, the health benefits of dandelion greens are nothing to scoff at.

They go way beyond simply making your body healthier… rather, they can actually protect you against some of the deadliest diseases and most debilitating conditions known to man. Fortunately, dandelions are generally easy to find at “fruits and vegetables” markets, and you only need to eat a portion or two once or twice per day. In any case, it is certainly more effective and far less dangerous than most, if not all of the chemical and pharmaceutical treatments used in modern medicine. The amazing health benefits of dandelion…Who Knew??

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