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Dangers of Fluoride: Deadly Chemical or Cavity Fighter

Dangers of Fluoride – 10 Facts You Need To Know

Hitler used fluoride in the water given to prisoners so they wouldn’t resist domination, continued fluoridation of the human brain makes it quiet and submissive. However, these are not the only dangers of fluoride that you face when you ingest this deadly substance into your body. Normally, people think that small amounts of fluoride are good for the body, which is completely false. There are many different ways in which your body is fed with fluoride, such as: toothpaste, fluoridated water, soda, packaged juice, coffee, wine, etc. Nearly all the European countries understand the dangers of fluoride, China, Japan, and many more countries have banned the use of fluoride in their drinking water supply. Because they recognize the true dangers of fluoride

1. Quality of Fluoride Used in Water

Fluoride used in the water is not natural fluoride, but its Hydrofluorosilicic acid and Sodium Silicofluoride and both these chemicals are waste products of the fertilizer industry. These chemicals are regarded as hazardous waste products before they found their way to water treatment plants. There is no concrete evidence to support the use of these dangerous chemicals in the water supply, but there are many side-effects of consuming fluoridated water.

2. Dangers of Fluoride on Teeth and Bones

Kidneys in healthy adults excrete nearly 50% of the ingested fluoride in your body daily. However, for the children whose kidneys excrete fluoride in lesser amounts have shown absorption of up to 80% of fluoride intake into their bones. Studies conducted have shown that 41% of American children are suffering from dental fluorosis caused by excess fluoride. Children with healthy kidneys have shown 50% fluoride deposit rate in their bones, as opposed to adults who have a 10% rate.

3. Brain Damage Due to Fluoride

There have been more than 23 studies conducted on humans and more than 100 studies on animals that link fluoride to brain damage and changes in mental behavior. The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA in the US, has named fluoride among the one hundred chemicals whose consumption results in developmental neurotoxicity. Constant consumption of fluoride adversely affects the learning abilities of the brain. Studies conducted on rats showed the formation of beta-amyloid deposits in their brains, this condition leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Lower IQ Due to Fluoride

There were studies conducted in India, China, Mexico, and Iran that prove reduction in IQ levels after constant exposure to the dangers of fluoride. The studies conducted in China showed a loss of 0.59 IQ points for every increase of 1ppm of fluoride intake. In children, loss of IQ has been found in those consuming fluoride at levels of 0.3ppm to 3ppm. The National Research Council in the U.S., believed that the results of these studies were serious and they needed further research, to find other effects on intelligence due to fluoride consumption.

5. Side Effects of Fluoride on Reproductive Systems

Tests conducted on animals revealed that high doses of fluoride destroyed reproductive systems of the males. Different species showed in various tests, a decrease in sperm count and quality of the sperm, this resulted in lower fertility rates and various reproductive issues. A study in the U.S. that was conducted on the dangers of fluoride in areas where fluoride levels in the water supply were 3ppm or more showed higher rates of infertility. Two separate studies showed that males living in the areas where fluoride content was higher had lower levels of testosterone than normal.

6. Early Puberty Due To Fluoride

Pineal glands in the human brain are responsible for the production of melatonin hormones. Studies have shown that fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland at high levels when consumed through water. This results in decreased functioning of the pineal gland to produce lesser amounts of melatonin and this leads to puberty at early age. A study was conducted in the dangers of fluoride in the US in 1956, which proved that girls living in areas that had high levels of fluoride in the water supply reached puberty 5 months earlier than girls who lived in areas where there was no fluoride in water. Just one more of the dangers of fluoride.

7. Effect of Fluoride on Thyroid Glands

Thyroid glands are negatively affected by the consumption of fluoride. During the 1970s, there were many European doctors who prescribed fluoride to patients that suffered from hyperthyroidism. By consuming fluoride in quantities of 2-5 mg per day, patients showed reduced signs of hyperthyroidism. According to studies it had been found that the daily consumption of fluoride is nearly 1.6 to 6.6 mg per day, in the communities that are exposed to fluoride water consumption. It’s no surprise that Synthroid was the second most prescribed drug in the U.S. in 2010. Synthroid is prescribed to counter the threat of underactive thyroid in patients.

8. Arthritis Due to Fluoride

Skeletal fluorosis is a disease that is caused due to fluoride and affects the bones of your body. The symptoms of skeletal fluorosis are same as that of arthritis. Due to these similarities there is a high probability that the disease is not diagnosed properly in its first two stages. This further increases the complications in treating this disease. A study conducted by the CDC in 2002, showed that in the US, one out of every three people are suffering from some form of arthritis. Similar studies across the globe prove that countries where consumption of fluoride is high, have higher incidence of arthritis due to the inherent dangers of fluoride.


9. Hip Fractures Due to Fluoride

In the elderly, the risk of hip fractures are increased due to increased consumption of fluoride. In the trials where people were given fluoride to improve their bone strength as they were suffering from osteoporosis, it was found that their bone strength reduced and hip fractures increased.

10. Other Bad Effects Due to Fluoride

Due to the developmental neurotoxicity caused by fluoride, there are cognitive deficits seen in children. This has resulted in mental retardation, learning disabilities, ADHD, cerebral palsy, autism, and several other disorders of similar types. The effects of these disorders stay with the patients for lifetime.

10 Tips to Avoid the Dangers of Fluoride Exposure

1. Stop drinking fluoridated water.

2. Don’t let children swallow fluoride toothpaste.

3. Don’t take fluoride gel treatment at your dentist.

4. Avoid eating processed food.

5. Buy organic wine and grape juice.

6. Reduce consumption of tea.

7. Don’t cook in non-stick pans.

8. Don’t take pharmaceuticals that contain fluoride, like Cipro.

9. Avoid eating mechanically de-boned chicken.

10. Don’t consume fluoridated salt.

Conclusion on the Dangers of Fluoride

There are many health dangers of fluoride that have been discussed here, but you can easily protect yourself and your family from those dangers of fluoride exposure by following the tips given for reducing fluoride exposure.

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