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Memory Improvement Tips – 12 Memorable Tips

Memory Improvement Tips - Improve Memory Brain Nebula

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Memory Improvement Tips – 12 Memorable Tips You Can Use Right Now

Many would argue that one’s memory is an integral part of an identity. Our current personality, thoughts, prejudices and emotions are all forged by our past experiences and the memories we have retained from them. Unfortunately, the human memory is the kind of mechanism that requires constant oiling and maintenance in order to function properly and our 12 memory improvement tips can help you keep the gears oiled. If you do not exercise your brain enough in the right ways, your memory will slowly start to fade away. You are going to have trouble remembering things on the short-term, and eventually the problem can snowball into an inability to study and/or retain crucial information.

Fortunately, not everything is lost; just because your memory is getting shoddy does not mean you will be relegated to a life of forgetfulness. There are various memory improvement tips, tricks and exercises you can use in order to improve your memory, and the best part is that most of them do not even require any monetary investment on your part. The following twelve memory improvement tips & strategies will naturally improve memory listed below have all been compiled as a result of extensive research, with each and every one of them having been formulated by experts within the domain of cognitive psychology.

1. Involve the Senses

Contrary to what psychologists believed just a short time ago, the human mind does not store memories in something akin to a filing system. Rather, each memory is divided according to what every one of your senses experienced when it was formed. When you attempt to retrieve the memory, the brain recreates it from the information each sense has stored. As such, it could prove to be quite beneficial if you involved as many senses as possible in your daily life. For instance, if you are studying for an exam, rather than simply reading your notes, associate every theory with the smell of an object you have lying around the house. Also, you can try and pay greater attention to what each of your senses is experiencing at any given moment. Keep reading for more great memory improvement tips…

2. Create a Memory Palace

The memory palace is another one of our memory improvement tips, it is a place which you create in your mind in order to “store” your memories. In order to use a memory palace to register a memory, imagine yourself walking through a place you are familiar with, and then add unusual objects to it. Associate each of the unusual objects to a specific memory. When trying to reminisce, walk down that mental palace once again, and you will find that the associations between the objects and memories has endured. Also, the more shocking and unusual the objects are, the higher your chance of retaining the memory. Number two in our countdown of memory improvement tips.

3. Separate Things Into Chunks

The third in our series of memory improvement tips is: Whenever you have a large sequence of items to remember, such as a list of numbers for example, it can be tremendously helpful for you to group into chunks the various pieces of data available to you. Because memories work by associations and references, knowing only parts of the small chunks will be enough for your brain to fill in the rest, considerably reducing the amount of work it needs to do.

4. Repeating it Over Time

Though it is true that repetition is not recognized as being the best memorization technique, it works well for a surprising number of people. In order to become part of them, you need to not only repeat the information you want to memorize, but do so regularly through longer periods of time. Instead of cramming the information, you will be gently pushing it in bit by bit, and if you do not overdo it, in the end, the knowledge will remain firmly implanted in your head.

5. Make Familiar Associations

For each and every fact or event you need to remember, create an association with something that is close to it, either in terms of the way it sounds or its significance to you. When memories are associated with something meaningful to you, they become far easier to retrieve for the brain will have a sort of “reference” as to where to find them.

6. Memory Improvement Tips – Visualize It

It seems as if many people benefit from the exercise of visualization: to create a mental image or photograph for more abstract memories. This can help you a lot when remembering names of both people and actual places seeing as how the brain reacts much more promptly to visual cues. Also, while on the subject of these memory improvement tips, using highlighters and such when studying for an exam is a great way to make the important information stick out from the rest, forcing your brain to pay attention and remember it.

7. Remain Mentally-Active

Though it may sound like a somewhat obvious piece of advice in our series on memory improvement tips, many underestimate the effects of mental exercise on memory. Playing mind games, reading and solving puzzles (such as crosswords or Sudoku) are excellent ways of staying in good mental shape, effectively keeping your brain stimulated and ready to absorb important information. You can even do small things such as listen to different music or take different routes when going home. Remember: as long as your brain is not relaxing and turned off, it is exercising in one way or another.

8. Spend More Time Socializing

Though this method to naturally improve memory may not be convenient for some people, the fact that socialization can improve one’s ability to retain information is indisputable. Humans are, by default, social creatures, and such interactions stimulate our brains in a very good way, forcing them to constantly pay attention to details and make decisions.

9. Focus on One Thing at a Time

The more distractions are present in your daily life, the higher the chance that you will forget the day’s important parts. Try to refrain from focusing on multiple tasks at any given time, and if possible, attend to your duties and needs in environments where there are no distractions to pull you away from your work.

10. Physical Activity

Naturally, you don’t need to spend every day exercising intensively as if you are preparing yourself for the Olympics, but regular jogging and body weight exercises can go a long way towards making your memory better. The improved circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain makes it function more efficiently, improving all of its processes, including memory.

11. Attach Meaning

Each one of us feels strongly about one topic or another, and it does wonders to attach relatable meanings to the different chunks of information you need to memorize. Using this technique in our memory improvement tips series, you can easily transform seemingly random, useless and boring facts into important memories for your brain to cling on to.

12. Get More Sleep

Finally, the last of our memory improvement tips to be given here as to how you can naturally improve memory revolves around sleep. Most of us don’t get nearly enough of it, and is it happens, that is one of the main reasons people experience memory problems. A brain that doesn’t rest enough cannot function properly and to its full potential, forcing it to focus on the most important processes, foregoing the rest. In other words, being too tired to remember is an extremely important memory improvement tips and is an actual condition, and ensuring you get seven to eight hours of sleep each night will do wonders for you.

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